Understand your community. Expand your impact.  

Kwilt Strategy helps you design and develop effectivedata-driven communication and technology strategies based on the science of understanding your community.

Whether you are designing or launching a new product, or simply refreshing your communication or brand strategy, it's important to know that stakeholders matter.  

At Kwilt Strategy, we recognize that these stakeholders are not just a passive audience, but rather a dynamic, interconnected community that act as creators and collaborators in meaning-making. Learning what matters most to your relevant communities - their values - helps enroll them and expands your reach and the impact of your strategy. 

Communities are built upon shared values. 

Communication is the thread that weaves through to illuminate those shared values and brings communities together.

We understand that figuring out how to create connections with your relevant stakeholders can feel like trying to get the thread through the needle. 

How do you develop strategies that connects you with these communities?


We believe you must ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Learn more about how our trained and experienced researchers and strategists help you get the answers you need, using our methodological expertise and know-how.