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Kwilt Strategy provides a variety of services to develop informed insights that meet your strategic communication and technology needs. 

Values & community-Based
Communication & Business Strategy

We approach communication and business strategy questions by taking a community-based and values-driven approach that focuses on what matters most across diverse stakeholder groups. Applying our tested and rigorous values audit methodology to evaluate what matters most to you as an organization and to the communities you want to connect to, we help you build a solid foundation and platform for making communication and business decisions. 

Technology Design, Development & ImpLementation Strategy

Applying design theory to inform our strategy, we support organizations through every stage of the technology implementation process -- ideation through design, development and implementation. Using a community-based approach we work to make sure the right voices are represented throughout your process to support more successful adoption outcomes. 


research DESIGN & IMplementation 

We provide qualitative research services to gain valuable community insights. This includes methods such as:

  • Research Design and Evaluation
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Values-based User Design
  • Social, Organizational and Issue-Based Network Analysis
  • Focus Group Moderation and Analysis 
  • Digital and Organizational/Corporate Ethnography

We also partner with researchers to provide quantitative research support such as survey design, implementation and analysis to supplement qualitative research insights. 


Partnering with other experts in the field of marketing, organizational communication, and design we offer a host of customizable workshops including: 

  • Mission, Vision, and Values  
  • Organizational Culture & Collaboration
  • Values, Community, and Branding
  • Storytelling
  • Crisis Communication
  • Reputation Management

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